National Elephant Conservation Centre

Wildlife Reserve in Pahang & Tioman Island

This is the base for the Department of Wildlife and National Parks’ Elephant Relocation Team, which helps capture rogue elephants from across Southeast Asia and relocate them to other suitable habitats throughout the peninsula. A round-trip taxi ride from Temerloh costs RM120.

After registering, you can observe elephants (behind an electric fence) on a small interpretive trail from 10am to noon; shortly after is a chance to see and feed young elephants. An educational video is shown at 1pm and 1.30pm; visitors can see adult elephants from 2pm and later on the young elephants are bathed; the young elephant bathing is popular and is restricted to 100 people, with a charge for a guide (RM50) and RM10/5 per adult/child (you need to register as well to book your place). Most of the elephants at the centre are work elephants from Myanmar, India and Thailand. Mounting evidence suggests elephant interactions present various animal welfare issues, and some visitors may find elements at the centre distressing.

The town of Lanchang is west of Mentakab and about 150km east of Kuala Lumpur. Most people visit on tours from Kuala Lumpur, Jerantut, Cherating and other tourist hubs on the peninsula.