St Paul's Cathedral


Anglican cathedral.

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3. Mandala House

0.88 MILES

This is the oldest building in Malawi, built in 1882 as a home for the managers of the African Lakes Corporation. It’s a quietly grand colonial house,…

4. Society of Malawi Library & Archive

0.89 MILES

This library in the historic Mandala House contains a vast number of journals, books and photographs, some dating as far back as the 19th century. You…

5. St Michael and All Angels Church


This magnificent red-brick Church of Central Africa Presbyterian building was preceded by a simpler structure, built by Scottish missionary Reverend DC…

6. Carlsberg Brewery

1.92 MILES

Thanks to a Danish foreign minister who visited Malawi during the independence celebrations in 1966 and wasn't too impressed by the beer available, a…

7. Museum of Malawi


Malawi’s interesting national museum has a few gems, including a royal ceremonial stool dating from the 16th century and a display on Gule Wamkulu dances…

8. Heritage Centre

19.42 MILES

Just inside the reserve gate, this small open-air heritage centre and gift shop features a display of art and craftwork made in and around Majete by local…