Artillery Bastion


This revamped 17th-century fortification houses a rich collection of weaponry and armour through the ages and the atmospheric tunnels are a joy to wander.

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Nearby Vilnius attractions

1. Subačiaus Gate

0.01 MILES

This restored section of the city walls gives a sense of their original scope.

2. Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit

0.13 MILES

The peachy facade gives an understated first impression but there's an electric atmosphere inside Lithuania’s chief Russian Orthodox church. The 16th…

3. St Casimir's Church

0.17 MILES

This striking church is the city’s oldest baroque place of worship. St Casimir’s dome and cross-shaped ground plan defined a new style for 17th-century…

4. MK Čiurlionis House

0.19 MILES

Inside the former home of the great artist and composer are a handful of Čiurlionis reproductions, worth taking a peek at if you can’t make it to the…

5. Kazys Varnelis Museum

0.19 MILES

During his 50 years in the US, Kazys Varnelis earned fame and fortune with his optical and three-dimensional paintings. This museum shows his personal…

6. St Teresa's Church

0.19 MILES

This Carmelite church is early baroque outside and ornate late baroque inside. Underneath its entrance is a chamber for the dead, which contains some fine…

8. Užupis Republic Constitution

0.24 MILES

The 'Republic' of Užupis's Constitution is engraved in English, French, Lithuanian and several other languages on plaques running along Paupio gatvė. It…