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Vilnius (vil-nyus), the baroque beauty of the Baltic, is a city of immense allure. It easily tops the country’s best-attraction bill, drawing tourists like moths to a flame with an easy, confident charm and a warm, golden glow that makes you wish for long midsummer evenings every day of the year... Read More

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Baltic Adventure

Decades after the fall of communism, the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia remain a mystery to most travellers. We’re not complaining, though; more mystery means fewer crowds and an easier time getting to know these fantastic countries. Beginning in charming cobblestoned Vilnius and ending in beautiful Helsinki, this 2-week trip gets to the very heart of the region. Get an up-close glimpse of Riga’s castles and art district, experience rural life in Estonia, and venture into the fortresses and medieval architecture of Tallinn before crossing to Finland by ferry. Make the Baltics your special travel secret.

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Private Jewish Vilnius Tour

Walk the ancient streets of Vilnius old town, where Lithuanian Jewish history can be traced back to the 14th century. The classic Lithuanian Jew (Litvak) is known in folklore for a love of education, no-nonsense straight-talk and certain sardonic wit. Jews were settled in Vilna, as the capital was and still is known in Jewish culture from around the time of its founding in 1323.By the 18th century Vilna had become the world capital of traditional religious (Talmudic) learning, often referred to as the Jerusalem of Lithuania, or Jerusalem of the North. Towering over the many great Jewish figures the city has produced, is Gaon of Vilna.Today a small community of 5,000 or so Litvaks makes bold efforts to maintain its heritage.

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Private Open-Air Folk Life Museum of Rumsiskes Tour

Situated 50 miles (80 kilometers) to the northwest of Vilnius and 12 miles (20 kilometers) from Kaunas is the Rumsiskes, an Open-Air Museum of Lithuanian Folk life, located on a 40-acre park. You can see all four areas of Lithuania as they looked 100 years ago. The museum displays about 80,000 exhibits - some of the houses and implements were actually moved here from their original locations.In the summer months you may even see workers in the fields dressed in original costumes and children singing songs while weaving wreaths of flowers. Folk ensemble concerts and holiday festivals are held in the grounds of the Museum.

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Vilnius 3-Day Soviet Lifestyle Tour

Enjoy this 2-night themed tour and travel back in time to the Vilnius-30-years-ago and try to live in a communist era for three days.

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2-Night Amber Spa Experience in Vilnius

Enjoy an amazing, 3-day stay at Lithuania's Amber hotel, and relax and take a break at the Amber Spa.

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5-Day Small Group Tour of Vilnius Highlights

Make your stay in Vilnius a truly unforgettable experience by joining a 5-day small-group tour of the city. Discover all the must-see attractions of the Lithuanian capital and find out many legends and facts about the city.