Thinker's Beach


This popular beach gets crowded on weekends and is known as the party beach. It's about 17km south of Monrovia.

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Nearby Monrovia attractions

1. Silver Beach

1.14 MILES

This pretty beach is fun and relatively easy to get to, plus it's home to the best beach snack joint in the area. It's located about 15km southeast of…

2. Monkey Island

13.1 MILES

This small archipelago is home to chimpanzees that were evacuated from a hepatitis research lab during the war. Enquire in town about the most up-to-date…

3. Executive Mansion

15.7 MILES

This sprawling, eight-storey semicircular structure is the Liberian president's home and holds the offices of the executive staff and other political…

4. Providence Island

16.52 MILES

There isn't much to mark the spot where freed American slaves first disembarked, but the government is planning to turn Providence Island into a…

5. Liberia National Museum

16.55 MILES

The museum's collection was depleted during the war years, but renovations (always ongoing) have created space for photo and art exhibitions as well as…

6. EJ Roye building

16.59 MILES

Once the most important structure in the capital, this 10-storey building fell into ruin during the Liberian coup. Attempts to rebuild have, so far, not…

8. Waterside Market

16.83 MILES

Chaotic Waterside Market offers almost everything for sale, including colourful textiles, shoes, leather goods and pottery, all with a dose of foul smells…