Executive Mansion


This sprawling, eight-storey semicircular structure is the Liberian president's home and holds the offices of the executive staff and other political staff. It's closed to the public.

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Nearby Monrovia attractions

1. Liberia National Museum

1.17 MILES

The museum's collection was depleted during the war years, but renovations (always ongoing) have created space for photo and art exhibitions as well as…

2. EJ Roye building

1.23 MILES

Once the most important structure in the capital, this 10-storey building fell into ruin during the Liberian coup. Attempts to rebuild have, so far, not…

4. Providence Island

1.35 MILES

There isn't much to mark the spot where freed American slaves first disembarked, but the government is planning to turn Providence Island into a…

5. Waterside Market

1.52 MILES

Chaotic Waterside Market offers almost everything for sale, including colourful textiles, shoes, leather goods and pottery, all with a dose of foul smells…

6. Rivoli Cinema

1.61 MILES

This old gem of a building shows mainly Bollywood movies.

7. Masonic Temple

1.62 MILES

While not open to the general public, this Freemason structure is worth strolling past to see its impressive architectural details.

8. Hotel Ducor


Originally built by the now-defunct Pan Am Airlines, this former luxury hotel and site of key political meetings is now a decayed but stunning colonial…