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Though less agriculturally productive than in centuries past because of a combination of deforestation and poor crop planning, the Bekaa's plentiful vineyards have gained an international reputation for their wines. Several wineries are visitable. Though you’ll see Hezbollah’s yellow flag fluttering around Baalbek, you’ll find the locals (a mixture of Christians and Shiites) a welcoming lot.

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Baalbak - Ksara - Anjar (full day)

Tour start at 09:00 from your hotel and back around 18:00 Oh! Are we still in Lebanon?! Of course we are, but you are right, the scenery has totally changed as we reached the mountains. Please look to the west, here is Beirut and the Mediterranean while east is the majestic, wide and green Bekaa valley, lying between Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon Peaks. A short stop; your guide will explain the Valley’s Characteristics, local people beliefs, traditions  and culture, agriculture, farms, wineries and a rich history… Once we reach the valley, a moderate drive further to the East towards to Gigantic Roman Temples of Baalbeck… History to be told! Breathtaking! Time for a traditional lunch maybe and some Lebanese abundant wine tasting in Ksara/Zahle? Lebanon has more than 70 different wineries and wine makers spread all around the country, not to mention the Lebanese Cuisine! Ksara winery is the oldest wine making Chateau, and has huge natural sellers… and much more… «Gouttons voir si le vin est bon» mission accomplished, let’s go deep East to Anjar and discover the Ommayads ruins. Another civilization of Lebanon’s history, truly amazing! Soon you will get to your hotel room with another rich experience and plenty of memories, pictures and information… Cheers!

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The Bekaa Valey Wineries (full day)

The Bekaa Valley produces the finest Lebanese wines. Situated in the east of the country, the Bekaa valley wineries are among the most famous in the Middle-East “My roots are in water and my green leaves are tanning is the sun… I having all what it needs to produce my finest grapes…” More than 70 wineries around the country boosting the wine making industry in Lebanon. The taste varies from area to another; valley wine has a smooth fruity taste while mountain wines are louder. “A unique grapes nursing will lead to a unique wine…” Our tour start at 09:00 am from your hotel to Kefraya winery south of the valley, a nice tour inside the premises then an overview of a widespread grapes terrain… Wine tasting follows! Next is visiting the distinctive Chateau St. Thomas located at the steps of the mountains and producing a variety of unique wines… Greeted by a wonderful team, followed by a visit to the sellers and a real abundant wine tasting. The unique “Pinot Noir” is highly recommended at the winery! Ksara wineries comes next, winning hundreds of prices from around the world, this Chateau has an exclusive identity. Wide natural caves/sellers are located just below the premises, best place to produce Lebanon’s wine! A documentary and an abundant wine tasting are next. Optional lunch  in Ksara; yes why not? Here comes a variety of fresh salads at the bar and of course wine from the oak barrels! Steaks, Chicken and Salmon fish are also on the menu. Transport by clean air-conditioned vehicle.

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Cedars Forest Hiking (full day)

he most prestigious and dense cedars forests in Lebanon are situated at a high altitudes in the Shouf Mountains around 2 hours from Beirut city.Our tour will start by driving up to the mountain peaks at 1800m altitude.As soon as we reach our destination, a short gathering with the local mountain guide for important instructions and then a moderate level hike will start to discover the majestic Cedars and the wild life. A Panoramic view of the Bekaa valley (east) and Mount Lebanon province (west) is guaranteed while walking thru the natural reserve of Maaser el Shouf protected forest  all the way to Al Barouk. (Average time spent inside the forest is around 3 hours but may be greater or lessened upon request)Security first: A professional mountain rescue team is available in case of any accident or injury.Please make sure to carry the following items: A small bottle of water, a small snack (nuts, fruits, dried fruits…) paper tissue and sun screen protection.Equipment: Hiking shoes, hiking sticks, a hat, appropriate clothing depending on weather forecast, and a backpack .Lunch is optional after the hike at one of The Mountain’s Lebanese cuisine restaurants.Our adventure starts at 09:00 from your hotel and back around 17:00PS: This tour may be cancelled in severe weather conditions.

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Wineries Private Tour

Lebanon is among the oldest sites of wine production in the world. The Phoenicians of its coastal strip were instrumental in spreading wine and viticulture throughout the Mediterranean in ancient times.Despite the many conflicts of the region, the country has an annual production of about 600,000 cases of wine. Recently the sector has been witnessing an unprecedented growth. The number of wineries went from 5 in 1998 to over 45 nowadays. This tour will introduce you to the some wineries located in the rich Bekaa valley which are considered from the biggest and well known wineries locally and globally.The visit will includes Chateau Ksara and Chateau Kefraya which are considered the biggest in Lebanon; In addition to one or two wineries in the same area for example Massaya, Domain Wardy, St Tomas, or Chateau Heritage.

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Baalbeck, Cedars and Kozhaya Full day Tour from Beirut

Start the tour at 07:00 am from Beirut, head to the bekaa valley to visit the famous town of Baalbeck, Lebanon’s greatest Roman treasure, visit the big stone and the Temples of Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus; after Baalbeck, we drive up the mountains towards the Cedars of Lebanon to enjoy the marvelous natural  views on every turn we get higher; then we visit the Cedars forest followed by Lebanese Lunch; after that we visit the convent of St Anthony of Kozhaya, one of the numerous convents of the Holy Valley, then return back to Beirut at late afternoon.   Baalbeck Heliopolis: the roman temples of Baalbeck, located in the Bekaa valley 85 kilometers away from Beirut. It makes up the largest and best preserved corpus of roman architecture left around. The acropolis occupies the top of an artificial hill built up of different layers of habitation. Its temples, dedicated to Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus, were constructed between the first and the third centuries A.D. in the “Jupiter temple” six of the 54 giant columns that originally surrounded the sanctuary survived till today. The temple has an impressive podium and a vast rectangular courtyard where sacrifices were carried out. The sanctuary is reached through a propylaea (monumental entrance) and hexagonal forecourt. The town of Baalbeck has major remains from Islamic times including the grand Mosque, built by the Ommayadds with material borrowed from ancient monuments, and another mosque built in Mamluke times near the spring of Ras El–Ain.Cedars The most venerable representatives of the Cedars of Lebanon, which once covered the country's mountains, are in the Besharre region in the North of Lebanon. Hundreds of trees stand on slopes 2,000 meters high in the shadow of the 3,088 meter peak of Qornet es- Sawda.From Lebanon's cedar forests, Solomon got the timber to build his temple and palace, while the Egyptians Pharaohs used the wood carve their sarcophagi and 'sunships'.Kozhaya is part of the Holy valley where Maronites used to during the Ottaman's period. Monastry of St-Antoine of Kozhaya is one of the numerous monasteries built in this valley. It is built partly inside in the mountain and party outside it. It is surrounded by a very beautiful panorama of forest and valley.

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Wine & History - Best of Lebanon Tour (from Beirut)

Nectar of the Gods, the source of Wisdom for Silenus, the Teacher of Dionysus, and the most sacred and revered liquid in the myths and cultures of the world: WINE You will visit natural underground caves - the stuff of legends: a must-visit not-to-miss stop when visiting Lebanon. Winter and Snow only make it better! The Tour starts with an early pick-up, A Traditional Lebanese Breakfast in a Farm in the Heart of the Bekaa Valley. Stops at the most prestigious Lebanese Wineries (don't ask us for details, you will ruin the surprise, you can find hints in the photos). A Lebanese feast for lunch (over 12 courses, with open Traditional Arak Drink). A stop at an abandoned Roman-tuerned to Umayyad City, and the battleground of Lebanon's most important fight to independence in the 17th Century... And more!

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