Sekong Provincial Historical Museum

Bolaven Plateau Region

The first floor has just a few old stones, UXO and photos from the war years. But the tribal displays of textiles and household tools (don't miss the bamboo forge for making knives) upstairs are well presented with labels in English. The focus is Katu, but Alak, Yai, Talieng, Suay and many more ethnic minorities are covered too. It's up the road north from the tourism office.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Sekong Market

0.69 MILES

Fresh food offerings in this market include mushrooms, squirrels, herbs and other forest products. It's best in the late afternoon.

2. Tat Faek

7.36 MILES

Sixteen kilometres south of Sekong, and well-signed off Rte 11, is this wide, beautiful 5m-high waterfall where you can swim in the pool atop the falls…

3. Tat Hua Khon

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Three kilometres south of the Tat Faek turn-off from Rte 11 (just past the market), this waterfall is an impressive 100m wide. The P&S Garden resort,…

4. Tayicseua

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There are seven significant waterfalls (none of them named Tayicseua) and several smaller ones at this remote but easily accessible private nature reserve…

5. Dong Hua Sao NPA

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The 1100-sq-km Dong Hua Sao NPA, south of Paksong, is home to large tracts of pristine jungle, where you might spot monkeys, large butterflies and rare…

6. Montra Flower Garden

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Taking advantage of the Bolaven Plateau's cool climate and fertile soil, this newly opened flower garden 11km east of Paksong makes a nice break from…