Issyk-Köl Oblast

The large open-air stadium east of the centre is host to occasional concerts and events, but really comes to life every two years as the base for sports competitions during the World Nomad Games festival.

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Nearby Issyk-Köl Oblast attractions

1. Rukh Ordo

1.62 MILES

This curious museum-cum-theme-park depicts Kyrgyz legends, historical characters, and the interplay of five religions in a large and somewhat surreal…

2. Regional Museum

2.01 MILES

This typical, well-presented museum includes copies of locally found Scythian (Saka) gold jewellery and displays on ethnography, Kyrgyz bards, textiles…

3. Ferris Wheel

3.32 MILES

Kyrgyzstan's largest Ferris wheel, where the sixteen-minute ride gives plenty of time to admire the lake- and mountainscapes surrounding the town of…

4. Petroglyphs

3.63 MILES

North of the centre is an extensive field of glacial boulders, many with pictures scratched or picked into their surfaces. Some of these petroglyphs date…

5. Nomad Museum

12.8 MILES

This surprisingly well-curated museum displays artefacts and exhibits on traditional Kyrgyz culture, clothing, and history in an airy space that draws…

6. Chong Ak-Suu Valley

18.83 MILES

Cut by a raging river, this 22-kilometre valley north of Grigorievka contains three small alpine lakes. It's quite popular with domestic tourists on day…

8. Big Almaty Lake

28.49 MILES

This picturesque turquoise lake, 1.6km long, rests in a rocky bowl at 2500m altitude, reflecting the Tian Shan mountains and the giant fir trees in its…