Nomad Museum

Issyk-Köl Oblast

This surprisingly well-curated museum displays artefacts and exhibits on traditional Kyrgyz culture, clothing, and history in an airy space that draws inspiration from the yurt. Separate museum spaces are planned on-site for each of the Turkic nomadic cultures, but with no firm plans on when they'll be completed.

The site is outside of Chon-Sary-Oi village, 17km west from the Cholpon-Ata bus station, and all west-bound transport can stop here.

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1. Petroglyphs

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North of the centre is an extensive field of glacial boulders, many with pictures scratched or picked into their surfaces. Some of these petroglyphs date…

2. Regional Museum

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This typical, well-presented museum includes copies of locally found Scythian (Saka) gold jewellery and displays on ethnography, Kyrgyz bards, textiles…

3. Rukh Ordo

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This curious museum-cum-theme-park depicts Kyrgyz legends, historical characters, and the interplay of five religions in a large and somewhat surreal…

4. Hippodrome

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The large open-air stadium east of the centre is host to occasional concerts and events, but really comes to life every two years as the base for sports…

5. Ferris Wheel

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Kyrgyzstan's largest Ferris wheel, where the sixteen-minute ride gives plenty of time to admire the lake- and mountainscapes surrounding the town of…