Dordoi Bazaar


This bazaar built primarily of repurposed shipping has shrunk somewhat since Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian Customs Union, but is still an atmospheric evocation of the modern Silk Road trade.

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1. Kuznechnaya Fortress

3.28 MILES

All but disappeared now, this historic Кузнечная крепость (Blacksmith's fortress) site was the location of an early-1800s Kokhand fortification, built…

2. Circus

3.68 MILES

The peculiar architecture of the Kyrgyz Circus, in what looks like a 1950s UFO, stands out on the far edge of Victory Square.

3. Holy Resurrection Cathedral

3.69 MILES

The bright blue spires of this Russian Orthodox cathedral, opened in 1947, stand out along Jibek Jolu. The spartan interior, decorated with icons and…

4. Frunze House-Museum

3.81 MILES

This modest museum forms a concrete shell around the thatched cottage that was allegedly the birthplace of Mikhail Vasilievich Frunze (1885–1925), for…

5. Victory Square

3.83 MILES

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the end of WWII, this monument is designed to evoke three symbolic yurt struts curving above an eternal flame. It…

6. State Museum of Fine Arts

3.88 MILES

Collections of Kyrgyz embroidery and felt rugs, a splendid variety of paintings, and rotating exhibitions of local and international touring works all…

7. Panfilov Park

3.93 MILES

Packed with amusements and carnival rides, this city-centre park is particularly pleasant and popular with local families on summer weekends.

8. Nissa Art Salon

3.94 MILES

Originally built as the St Nicholas Cathedral, the steeple was removed and this space converted to an art museum during the Soviet period. The building…