Mudanda Rock


Towering over a natural dam near the Manyani gate, this towering natural formation runs for over 1.5km. It attracts elephants in the dry season and is reminiscent of Australia’s Uluru (Ayers Rock), albeit on a much smaller scale. Leopards and elephants are among the wildlife to watch out for here.

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1. Mbulia Conservancy


The 48-sq-km Mbulia Conservancy occupies part of an important elephant corridor, and is also an extension of the ecosystem inhabited by Tsavo West…

2. Voi War Cemetery


On the north side of the road just before the turn-off to Voi Gate on the eastern outskirts of town, this well-tended cemetery contains 137 graves,…

3. Kanderi Swamp

15.92 MILES

Around 10km from Voi Gate, the lovely area of green known as Kanderi Swamp is home to a resident pride of lions, and elephants also congregate near here;…

4. Lugards Falls

16.45 MILES

One of the prettiest stretches along the Galana River, Lugards Falls is a wonderful landscape of water-sculpted channels and striated rocks.

5. Crocodile Point

18.79 MILES

If you've made it out to the Galana River, this vantage point high above the riverbank is the place to spot crocs.

6. Galana River

18.86 MILES

Running through the heart of the park and marking the northernmost point in the park that most visitors are allowed to visit, the Galana River, which…

7. Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary

22.94 MILES

At the base of Ngulia Hills, this 90-sq-km area is surrounded by a 1m-high electric fence and provides a measure of security for around 80 of the park's…

8. Aruba Dam

23.98 MILES

Some 30km east of Voi gate is the Aruba Dam, which spans the Voi River. It also attracts heavy concentrations of diverse wildlife; one of the park’s…