Mbulia Conservancy


The 48-sq-km Mbulia Conservancy occupies part of an important elephant corridor, and is also an extension of the ecosystem inhabited by Tsavo West National Park, and its Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary. Apart from the increasing population of tusked giants and other wildlife, the views from here out over the plains towards the Taita and Ngulia Hills are some of the most splendid in southeastern Kenya.

Bordering the extreme southeastern corner of Tsavo West National Park, close to the Nairobi–Mombasa Highway, this conservancy inhabits what was, until recently, a major hideout for poachers. While poaching continues in adjacent areas, Mbulia Conservancy uses a clever mix of carrot and stick – careful community engagement and an armed private ranger force – to ensure the poachers don't return. It's clearly working as wildlife has already begun to return.