Must-see attractions in Lake Naivasha

  • Elsamere

    Lake Naivasha

    Stippled with sisal, yellow fever trees and candelabra euphorbia, this is the former home of the late Joy Adamson of Born Free fame. She bought the house…

  • Crescent Island

    Lake Naivasha

    This private island sanctuary can be reached by boat, or by driving across the narrow, swampy causeway from Sanctuary Farm. It's one of the few places in…

  • Crater Lake Game Sanctuary

    Lake Naivasha

    Surrounding a beautiful volcanic crater lake fringed with acacias, this small sanctuary has many trails, including one for hikers along the steep but…

  • Lake Oloiden

    Lake Naivasha

    Lake Naivasha may be a freshwater lake, but it is the alkaline waters of its near neighbour Lake Oloiden that draw small but impressive flocks of…

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