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As isolated from the modern world as Paté is, this was once the dominant island of the archipelago. ‘None who go to Paté returns; what returns is wailing’, goes one archipelago song. Whether this refers to military battles or the slave trade that was conducted through here is unknown, but the warning certainly doesn’t apply now – most people return from Paté with a peaceful smile.

You’re likely to experience great hospitality here – residents are either not used to tourists and consider them a happy novelty, or work in the tourism industry in Lamu and appreciate you making the effort to come all the way out here.

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Women-only Sisters Safari

The Halal Safari experience will range from a wildlife safari in the Mara ecosystem to a beach safari in the North-coast of Kenya. The Halal Sisters Safari experience will include a game drive in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, safari walks, night game drive, cultural visits,  a road trip through the Great Rift Valley to discover the natural beauty of the Kenyan savannah, a visit to Lake Nakuru National park, and much more. The beach safari will include boat tours and water excursions in the Lamu Archipelago, visiting historical Islamic sites and monuments dating as far back as the 8th century, and immersing yourself in the culture and rich traditions of local communities that remain reminiscent of the rich local history.DAY 1 Date : June 18, 2019 - Arrival in NairobiYou will arrive in Nairobi, Kenya's vibrant capital city and check into the hotel. Guests who arrive early in the morning can have a day trip organized for them on request.DAY 2 Date : June 19, 2019 The Great Rift ValleyAn early morning departure for a safari past Lake Naivasha, the Great Rift Valley and a game drive through Lake Nakuru National Park. The day will end with a stay at The Mara Bush Houses.DAY 3Date : June 20, 2019 - Mara Game Drive Safari You will stay at The Mara Bush House which is at an exclusive and private location in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy and have a game drive, safari walk and night drive.DAY 4 Date : June 21, 2019 From Mara Bush to Shela BeachAn early morning departure from Naboisho Conservancy to Nairobi, to connect to an afternoon flight to Lamu. When arriving in Lamu, you will be received at the airport with a traditional dhow and sail through the Lamu Archipelago reminiscent of the historic days of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as an old port city.DAY 5 Date : June 22, 2019 - Lamu UNESCO World Heritage Site Tour Breakfast in the villa, then the group will tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site and other monuments, including a visit to Takwa ruins on Manda Island, Shela village, and the Lamu Museum.DAY 6 Date : June 23, 2019 - Boat Excursion and Lamu Archipelago TourAn early rise for a full day's boat excursions to visit Pate to retrace the history of Zheng He’s fleet, which capsized near Pate Island. You will take a road trip tour on Pate Island to Pate and Siyu Villages to see key sites and monuments and engage with the local community.DAY 7 Date : June 24, 2019 - From Village to Nairobi CityAfter breakfast you can relax on the seafront admiring the beauty of the Lamu Bay, or take an early sunrise stroll before breakfast to say goodbye to the magnificence of the Indian Ocean before flying back to Nairobi.DAY 8Date : June 25, 2019 - DepartureYou will depart back home or to your next destination.

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