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Because of the dangerous buffaloes, it is only possible to explore on foot if accompanied by a ranger (per half/full day KSh1720/3015). We found its signature 9km hike (three or four hours) to the summit on a dirt road to be disappointing and the views, while impressive, are slowly getting obscured by mobile-phone towers. More interesting is the weird Afro-alpine flora crowning the summit that you'd otherwise have to climb Mt Kenya to see.

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Day Trip to Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park makes for a nice day trip from Nairobi, being located just 85 km from the city. The name refers to the solitary mountain standing in this park and rising to a height of 2,145m (about 7037 feet).The park covers an area of around 20 square kilometers. Ol Donyo Sabuk is Masai and means "Mountain of Buffalo" - about 250 buffaloes can be found on the slopes today. The Kikuyu tribesmen call the mountain Kea-Njahe, or the "Mountain of the Big Rain", and consider it as one of the homes of the Supreme Being Ngai.OlDonyo Sabuk National Park Day Tour Highlights:Montane landscape, Hiking, Wildlife watching, Butterfly Kingdom, Unusual burial site to the grave of Sir William Northrup McMillan, Geology, Abundant bird life among many other features.Meeting time and Departure time is: 0630 hours. We will leave the capital city and travel towards the central highlands of Thika.Only 80 Kilometers from the City Center, Oldonyo Sabuk is rugged, hump-backed outcrop of ancient rock jutting high above the Athi Plains and hazily visible from Nairobi, Ol Donyo Sabuk is a densely forested mountain known to the local Kikuyu as 'The Mountain of the Buffalo', and to the Masai as 'The Big Mountain'.Just one road leads to its summit, which offers magnificent 360' panoramas over the Athi River, the pineapple fields of Thika and the snow-capped peaks of both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Within easy reach of Nairobi, the lush vegetation and cool air of this compact and scenic National Park make for an ideal day trip.A picnic lunch will be provided at the base of Oldonyo Sabuk picnic site. On our way back, pass by the famous Fourteen Falls before our return to Nairobi expected time of arrival is 1800 hours.What to bring? Make sure you bring your spirit of adventure, comfortable trekking shoes, hooded rain jacket, extra change of clothes (t-shirt and bottom slacks), good camera to capture the moments, binoculars, sunglasses, a shading cap / hat, sun block cream, drinking water, medication you might be on, pain killers, pocket money and any other relevant item.

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