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Day Trip to Malindi and Watamu from Mombasa

OverviewThis guided tour from Mombasa takes you to top attractions in Malindi, Watamu, and more—a difficult feat to accomplish without the ease of private transportation and an efficient pre-planned itinerary. Learn about a combination of natural and historical attractions as you visit sites like the Mida Creek mangrove forest, the tombs of Gedi, and the Watamu Snake Farm, all with the benefit of insight from your guide.Malindi and Watamu tour from MombasaSee top attractions in each city, including both cultural and natural sightsFun trip for a full day outside of the city—without any planning on your endPrivate transportation is a safe and fast way to travel among destinations

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Day Trip to Malindi and Watamu

Be picked up from your hotel in Mombasa by your guide. You will then be taken to Malindi to view the ancient buildings and attractions, namely the Jumaa mosque, village homes, shops and Palace. You will then be taken to experience the beauty of the Mida creek, 12 square miles of Mangrove forests. The creek makes an incredible transition from the coral reefs of the ocean with many wild birds inhabiting there; sandplover, egret, tern, whimbrel, curlew sandpiper and sanderling. You will then be transferred to visit to the remains of a Swahili town called Gedi. Here your guide will tell you about the history of the palace and tombs and the spectacular variety of trees including; combretum, tamarind, baobab, wild ficus and sterculia.You will break for lunch at Watamu. Visit to the Watamu Snake Farm where the largest collection of snakes in East Africa are found. Visit the Vasco da Gama pillar, one of the oldest European monuments in Africa where you will get the history of the pillar. Drive back to your hotel in Mombasa in the evening.

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