Longonot National Park

National Park in Southern Rift Valley

One of the shapeliest peaks in all the Rift Valley, Mt Longonot (2776m) and its serrated crater rim offer fabulous views. The dormant volcano rises 1000m above the baking-hot valley floor and was formed 400,000 years ago; it last erupted in the 1860s. The park itself covers only 52 sq km, and was set up to protect the volcano’s ecosystem and little else. The name ‘Longonot’ comes from the Maasai name Olo Nongot, which means ‘Mountain of Many Summits’.

The trail is clear and easy to follow and taking along a ranger is not necessary, although a good one will certainly enhance your trek; rangers can be arranged at the main gate as you enter. It takes one- to 1½ hours to hike from the park gate up to the crater rim (2545m). If you decide to circumnavigate the rim, including the summit, it's a 21km hike in total - from the park gate and back should take about five to six hours.