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This leafy city with a backdrop of the snowcapped Zailiysky Alatau has always been among the more appealing Russian creations in Central Asia. Today Almaty’s new rich have expensive suburban apartments, large SUVs, glitzy shopping malls, Western-style coffee lounges, expensive restaurants, dance-till-dawn nightclubs and new ski resorts to help them enjoy life to the full. Meanwhile the less lucky from the city's... Read More

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$60 Cultural & Theme Tours

2-Hour Private Group Walking Tour of Almaty Old City Center

Take this interesting pedestrian walk in the old city center of Almaty to see the historical sites and appreciate new and interesting facts. During your excursion, your private guide will tell you about modern Kazakhstan and its history as well as acquaint you with the amazing city of central Asia, which is located on a slope of TianShan mountains. Your tour will begin from the square of the great educator and the first Kazakh traveler Shokan Valikhanov surrounded by the monument and Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan with an interesting story. Furthermore, you will see the unusual fountain in the form of the eastern horoscope to learn the principles of Kazakh philosophy and the origin of eastern horoscope. Then, you will pass through a monument of the great Russian poet, A.S. Pushkin, and your guide will tell you how he was linked to Kazakhstan. Later, you will head to Abay Square where several attractions of the city are situated nearby each other including the well-known hotel and a city symbol, Hotel Kazakhstan, a monument of the great poet and educator, Abay Kunanbayev, one of the most important buildings in Almaty with rich history, Palace of the Republic, and you will be able to see Almaty Tower, the tallest TV towers above sea level in the world. Another point of interest you will visit is The Republic Square on your way to Abay that will give you amazing views of the mountains with commentary from your guide in the background telling you about its stories and influences on Almaty. While in the square, you will also see the symbol of the state, a famous monument of the Golden Warrior reliefs presenting the significant episodes from historical events of Kazakhstan. From here, you will be able to visit the modern underground shopping center of Almaty with an unusual history. Afterwards, your route will pass through the National Library where you will be able to see the well-known Russian Theater named after M. Lermontov. The theater has a rich history and fine cast. On your way back, you will walk through nearby monument of the great Kazakh composer, Mukan Tulebayev, and see Fountain Semirechye to learn the history of rivers in the region. Next, you will pass through the House and Museum of Mukhtar Auezov, the famous Kazakh writer and a relative of the great poet, Abay. Last but not least, you will stop by an important attraction, House of Friendship, which is a symbol of friendship and cultural relation between various countries and groups of people to end this wonderful 2-hour walking tour.

$60 Walking & Biking Tours

Walking tour Recent past of Almaty

Dostyk Hotel. the starting point of the excursion. The hotel was built on the money of communist party, in the end of the era of developed socialism, and was reconstructed into modern five-star luxury hotel. Abay metro station the deepest station in the city. Its depth is 78 m under ground. The length of the escalator ? 92 m. A trip on modern and comfy metro.Jibek Joly metro station - translating from Kazakh language, it means "the Silk Way" ? the name of great trade, that made its way through Kazakhstan in ancient timesThe office of Almaty Metro - the brain and the heart of Almaty subway. The postmodern style building has engineering, dispatching premises and offices.The monument to Baurzhan Momyshuly, participant of the Great Patriotic war and the Battle for Moscow, Hero of the USSR, writer, and theoretician of the military art.Museum of Kazakh national musical instruments - a sample of wooden architecture of Vernyi city in the beginning of XX century. There are more than 1000 unique showpieces - Kazakh, Russian, Uyghur and Dungun musical instruments. The house of army, initially the House of Officers and the museum of military history of the World War II.The eternal flame lit in memory of the victims of the World War II, and the guard of honor.Memorial on the Military feats of 28-Panfilov Guardsmen Division.Ascension Cathedral - the oldest active Orthodox church lived through many natural and social upheavals. The mysterious graves of the old park. The monument to Tokash Bokin - revolutionist and the official of the first years of Soviet regime, whose biography is still completely unknown. Arasan Bathhouse - one of the few, and most likely the only bathhouse complex in modern style built in the USSR.Almaty Arbat - a place of meetings and trade shows of artists, street musicians and entertainers.

$60 Outdoor Activities

Mountain Medeu ice skating rink

The ice skating rink Medeu located at the altitude of 1,691.2 meters above sea level is world-known. It was erected in 1972. The ice surface occupies 10.5 thousand sq.m., which allows to conduct contests in skating sport, hockey and figure skating.MedeuSoft climate in the gorge, optimal level of solar radiation, not high atmospheric pressure, gentle breeze and clean glacial water – all this provided high-mountain skating rink with wide popularity.More than 120 world records were established here by famous sportsmen. During last years the skating rink was improved after conducted modernization.The mountain valley was named in honor of Medeo, a wanderer who lived in the last century and established own aul in this picturesque site.High-mountain skating rink is beautiful in any weather. You can admire its beauty from the high point to which you will be raised by the popular stairs of ascension built at the flank of hill Mohnatka. From the city it looks just like a slope covered with dense trees, hence it got its name. At the beginning of the last century the monastic grotto was located here. Up to now pilgrims come here and arrange divine worships.Skating in days off during long years has already become a good tradition not only for city inhabitants but also for guests of Almaty.Anti-mudflow dam Medeo is located in 25 km from Almaty city at the altitude of 1733 meters above sea level. It was erected for city protection against mudflow forming on peaks of the Western Tien Shan.The dam has 3 successive altitude levels. Special water reservoir allows to hold about 6 millions cubic meters of water.

$140 Outdoor Activities

Tour to mountain ski resort Shymbulak

Ski resort "Shymbulak" - is located in the picturesque gorge of Trans-Ili Alatau at an altitude of 2260 meters above sea level, a 15-minute drive from the center of Almaty. Hours resort: all year round Number of lifts: 7 The length of skiing slopes: 20 km The average temperature in summer +20 C, in winter -7 C The average thickness of the snow cover: up to 1.5 meters The number of sunny days per year: 300 days The duration of the ski season: from November to AprilA wide range of services, activities and cuisine at the resort allows you to "Shymbulak" to be a favorite place not only to residents of Almaty, but also visitors to the city. Every year the number of foreign tourists who are interested in the resort not only in winter but in summer. Location and distance "Shymbulak" of the city allows you to effortlessly access and enjoy the beauty Zaiyliskogo Alatau and the centuries-old fir trees. At the foot of the wild and unexplored mountains, located long valleys, which are covered with pine forests, amazingly beautiful meadows.

$630 Day Trips & Excursions

Small-Group Day Trip to Lake Issyk from Almaty

Meet your guide at 9am at the Center Smart Tourism office or enjoy hotel pick-up in Almaty. Pass picturesque mountains, secular trees, settlements, cafes and markets on your way to Lake Issyk. View Issyk barrows among the steppes and Altyn Adam before reaching Lake Issyk, its remaining ruins and a trout farm. Grab a rod (own expense) and catch a fish that will be freshly prepared for your lunch. You will be returned to your original departure point at approximately 3pm.

$840 Day Trips & Excursions

Day tour to Charyn Canyon

The road to the canyon may seem a bit boring, however the attentive travelers can see and note for themselves a lot of new and interesting things. Along the road there are a plenty of small cozy villages.Since it's still Orient country, be sure to meet in every village a bazaar and local markets.Local people are mainly employed in agriculture. Local farmers offer for sale a live poultryAlong the road are situated the agricultural fields, framed by majestic mountainsUnique natural landscapes are impressive and fascinate even the most demanding travelerAs a rule, in every village there is a mosque of various shapes and sizesNo traveler in Almaty region will starve. The roadside cafes and dining rooms are found throughout the roadTraditionally, various types of stockbreeding are strongly developed in this area, as horse breedingAs we approach the canyon, the mountain landscape changes over a flatland.Instead of high mountains covered with snow caps, we see green low hills Our tour continues. Now we are moving on the bottom of the canyon. We are surrounded by amazing landscapesOur tour continues and we go over the top of the canyon and look inside the gorge to the bird's-eye view. After contemplating the magnificent landscape, the third part of our tour comes to an end.  We go back to Almaty - and after 3 hours - you are already at your hotel. Have a good rest!