Dead Sea Panoramic Complex Lookout

Dead Sea Highway

Walk among cacti to this lookout, high above the Dead Sea, and then watch raptors wheel in the wadis below, and you will have to pinch yourself to think that you are standing at sea level. This museum and restaurant complex offers breathtaking views, especially on a crisp day in winter when the Judaea Mountains across the water seem as if they are just an arm’s stretch away.

A short hiking trail called the Zara Cliff Walk (1.4km; easy) follows the edge of the wadi from the complex and highlights local flora and fauna. You will hear the Tristram’s Grackles before you see these birds as they screech across the wadi. Hyrax can also be spotted here.

The complex is clearly signposted off the Dead Sea Highway, about 10km south of the Dead Sea Resorts. The Dead Sea Panorama makes a worthwhile stop on a day circuit from Madaba, Mt Nebo, Bethany, the Dead Sea and Hammamat Ma’in, either by hired car or taxi (JD50 through Charl at the Mariam Hotel). There is no public transport.

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