Hammam As Sarah


Part of the neighbouring fort complex in Hallabat, this hammam (bathhouse) has been extensively restored, revealing the underfloor piping system that was used to heat the bathing rooms. The hammam is located along the main road to Hallabat village, about 3km east of Qasr Al Hallabat and 5km from the main road. The minibus to Hallabat village drives past Hammam As Sarah and can drop you off on request. The site is unlocked – just push open the gate.

There might have been considerably more to see at this hammam and hunting lodge complex if locals hadn’t taken a liking to the high-quality limestone blocks in the 1950s. It’s hard to complain, though, as this kind of recycling has been traditional in the region since well before the Romans. Outside the main building is a well, nearly 20m deep, an elevated tank and the remains of a nearby mosque.

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