Church of SS Lot & Procopius

Church in Mt Nebo

Originally built in 557, this church houses a remarkable mosaic with scenes of daily life such as agricultural work, fishing and winemaking (in particular the cutting and carrying of grapes). The mosaics have recently been painstakingly restored after damage by rainwater. Look for the on-site caretaker to unlock the door for you; a tip of JD1 is appropriate in return.

The church is near the village of Khirbet Mukhayyat, the original site of ancient Nebo village, as mentioned on the 9th-century-BC Mesha Stele and in the Bible. The turn-off to Khirbet Mukhayyat is signposted ‘Al-Makhyt’ about 6km from Madaba and 3km before reaching the church complex at Mt Nebo. A sealed road leads 2.5km along the edge of the village to a rugged car park surrounded by juniper trees. There's no public transport.