Must-see attractions in Mt Nebo

  • Serpentine Cross at the top of Mount Nebo in Jordan, where Moses viewed the Holy Land.

    Memorial Viewpoint

    Mt Nebo

    Moses' view of the Promised Land towards ancient Gilead, Judah, Jericho and the Negev is marked by an Italian-designed bronze memorial next to the Moses…

  • The Memorial church of Moses on top of Mount Nebo, Jordan.

    Moses Memorial Church

    Mt Nebo

    On top of Mt Nebo, this modest church, or more accurately basilica, was built around 4th-century foundations in 597 and has just undergone major…

  • Church of SS Lot & Procopius

    Mt Nebo

    Originally built in 557, this church houses a remarkable mosaic with scenes of daily life such as agricultural work, fishing and winemaking (in particular…

  • Moses' Spring

    Mt Nebo

    This spring is one of two places where Moses is believed to have obtained water by striking a rock. Six giant eucalyptus trees mark the spot, and there’s…

  • La Storia Tourism Complex

    Mt Nebo

    This new ethnographic diorama, 2km before Mt Nebo on the Nebo–Madaba road, features an exhibition of tableaux billed as depictions of the religious,…

  • Tell Hesban

    Mt Nebo

    Amateur archaeologists will like Tell Hesban, 9km north of Madaba. Over the centuries this strategic hill has been a Bronze Age settlement, a Hellenistic…