Burnt House


Buried under rubble for centuries and only recently excavated, this house was destroyed in 70 CE when the Romans put the city to the torch. The archaeological remains on display include Roman-era coins, stone tablets, ovens, cooking pots and a spear that were found at the site, as well as a stone weight with the name ‘Kathros’ on it (Kathros was a priestly family living in the city at this time).

Piecing together the history of the house, the museum has created a multimedia presentation shown in a number of languages, including English. Most of it is a cheesy movie with actors recreating scenes from the destruction of the Second Temple. Screenings (25 minutes long) begin every 40 minutes. Show times vary, so be prepared to wait.

Burnt House is included in the Jewish Quarter combined ticket, which includes access to the tower at Hurva Synagogue and the Herodian Quarter Museum.

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