Japan Rural Toy Museum

Western Honshū

Four rooms are crammed with displays of wooden toys, masks, dolls and spinning tops (including a world-record breaker), as well as a colourful array of kites just beckoning to be put on a breeze. You can purchase a new toy of your own in the shop, which also sells crafts and regional artwork.

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1. Kurashiki Museum of Folk-craft

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This museum is housed in an attractive complex of rice warehouses dating from the late 18th century, with interesting exhibits of exquisite household…

2. Momotarō Karakuri Hakubutsukan

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3. Ōhara Museum of Art


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4. Kurabō Memorial Hall


Learn about the history of the Japanese textile industry at this museum at historic Ivy Square.

5. Ivy Square

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Buddhist temple on the edge of Tsurugata-yama-kōen park, with fine views across town.

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