Western Honshū

This shrine, with a garden and small complex, was founded in 1890 and is dedicated to Meiji Restoration movement leader Yoshida Shōin. His former residence and the school where he agitated against the shogunate in the years leading up to the revolution are also here, as well as a treasure house. The shrine is located southeast of Higashi-Hagi Station. The Circular Bus drops you out the front.

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Nearby Western Honshū attractions

1. Treasure House

0.01 MILES

A small museum that documents Meiji Restoration leader Yoshida Shōin's life and teachings with samples of his letters.

3. Shoka Sonjuku Academy

0.02 MILES

Although 'academy' conjures images of Ivy League schools, this humble schoolhouse is anything but that. In the 1850s, Yoshida Shōin lectured students here…

4. Itō Hirobumi House

0.06 MILES

This is the thatched early home of a four-term prime minister, who was a follower of Meiji Restoration leader Yoshida Shōin, and who later drafted the…

5. Tōkō-ji

0.49 MILES

East of the river, pretty Tōkō-ji, built in 1691, is home to the tombs of five Mōri lords. The stone walkways on the hillside behind the Zen temple are…

6. Hagi Uragami Museum

1.34 MILES

In this appealing modern building you'll find a superb collection of ceramics and woodblock prints, with fine works by Katsushika Hokusai and Utamaro…

7. Kikuya Residence

1.36 MILES

As official merchants to the daimyō, the Kikuya family's wealth and connections allowed them to build a house well above their station (they were…

8. Hagi Museum

1.55 MILES

Hagi's impressive city museum features permanent displays on astrology, biology and local crafts, and hosts visiting exhibitions.