Hagi Glass

Western Honshū

At Kasa-yama, 6km north of Higashi-Hagi, this Hagi glassware showroom and shop displays some beautiful coloured-glass vases and cups, and you can watch the glassblowing process. Quartz basalt from the dormant volcano nearby is used to make the extremely tough glassware here.

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1. Yuzuya Honten

0.03 MILES

On Kasa-yama, this is Hagi's own beer and citrus-juice factory, where you can stop in to see the very small team at work, taste juice in the attached shop…

2. Kasa-yama

0.49 MILES

About 6km northeast of central Hagi is this 112m dormant volcano. The top has gorgeous views of the Sea of Japan and a tiny 30m-deep crater. There is also…

3. Shizuki-kōen

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Within this park, there's not much of the old Hagi-jō to see, apart from the castle's typically imposing outer walls and the surrounding carp-filled moat…

5. Hanano-e Tea House

2.46 MILES

Within the Shizuki-kōen, this mid-19th-century teahouse serves matcha (powdered green tea). It's sometimes closed for renovations, so check ahead.

6. Hagi-jō

2.47 MILES

There's not much of the old Hagi-jō to see, apart from the typically imposing outer walls and the surrounding moat. The castle was built in 1604 and…

7. Hagi-yaki Museum

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This small hagi-yaki (Hagi ceramic ware) museum displays bowls, cups and interesting ornamental figures, mostly from the 1600s.

8. Kikuya Residence

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As official merchants to the daimyō, the Kikuya family's wealth and connections allowed them to build a house well above their station (they were…