Kurobe Dam

Kanazawa & the Hokuriku Coast

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Kanazawa & the Hokuriku Coast attractions

1. Chihiro Art Museum Azumino

14.56 MILES

This popular art museum showcases the work of Chihiro Iwasaki (1918–74), who became world-renowned while specialising in children's-book illustrations…

2. Rokuzan Bijutsukan

19.61 MILES

Ten minutes' walk north from JR Hotaka Station, Rokuzan Bijutsukan showcases the work of Meiji-era sculptor Rokuzan Ogiwara (1879–1910; aka the 'Rodin of…

3. Dai-ō Wasabi-Nōjo

20.87 MILES

Fancy some wasabi wine or ice cream? This farm, a 15-minute bike ride from JR Hotaka Station, is a must for wasabi-lovers. An English map guides you among…

4. Togakushi-Hōkōsha

25.75 MILES

Although it's nestled among cedars apparently close to the village, Hōkōsha, the pretty lower sub-shrine of Togakushi-jinja, is reached via 274 ancient,…

5. Togakushi-Okusha

26.18 MILES

From Okusha bus stop it's 2km (40 minutes' walk) to Okusha (meaning 'Upper Shrine') – the innermost of the three sub-shrines making up Togakushi-jinja –…

6. Hirayu Folk Museum

26.44 MILES

Admission to Hirayu Onsen's only attraction, a quaint museum of folk memorabilia, includes entrance to a rather lovely and lesser-known little rotemburo …

7. Togakushi-jinja

26.51 MILES

Comprising three sub-shrines, Togakushi-Hōkōsha, Togakushi-Chūsha and Togakushi-Okusha, each a few kilometres apart, Togakushi-jinja honours the 1911m…

8. Togakushi-Chūsha

26.52 MILES

One of the three sub-shrines of Togakushi-jinja, intimate Chūsha, meaning 'middle shrine', is the most accessible, located prominently in the centre of…