Must-see attractions in Tokushima & the Anan Coast

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    Temple One: Ryōzen-ji

    Ryōzen-ji is Temple One of the 88 Sacred Temples of Shikoku pilgrimage. It is called Temple One because it was the first that temple pilgrims came to…

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    Temple 23: Yakuō-ji

    The major attraction of Hiwasa, Yakuō-ji, Temple 23, is the last temple in Tokushima Prefecture. Yakuō-ji dates back to the year 726, and is famous as a…

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    Sea Turtle Museum Caretta

    Dedicated to sea turtles, the museum's name – Caretta – comes from the scientific name for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Inside, there's a lot of turtle info…

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    Temple 24: Hotsumisaki-ji

    This gorgeous hilltop temple is considered one of the most important on the 88 Temple Pilgrimage because it is here at Muroto that Kōbō Daishi achieved…

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    Uzu-no-michi Viewing Walkway

    For an intriguing bird's-eye view of the whirlpools, you can walk out along this breezy 450m-long walkway hanging underneath the Naruto Bridge, which puts…

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    At the foot of Bizan, the 280m-high summit at the southwestern end of Shinmachibashi-dōri, the Bizan Ropeway whizzes you to the top for fine city views. A…

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    Otsuka Museum of Art

    One from the 'only in Japan file', this incredible 'ceramic board masterpiece museum' features more than 1000 replicas of priceless Western art on ceramic…

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    Temple 21: Tairyū-ji

    While most henro over the past 1200 years have struggled up steep mountain paths to get to Tairyū-ji, these days this magnificent mountaintop temple is…

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    Northeast of the train station is Tokushima's central park, Chūō-kōen, a lovely place for a stroll. You'll find the scant ruins of Tokushima-jō (Tokushima…

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    Awa Jūrobe Yashiki Puppet Theatre

    For hundreds of years, puppet theatre thrived in the farming communities around Tokushima. Performances can still be seen here, in the former residence of…

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    Naruto Park sits at the Shikoku end of the Naruto bridge and has observation platforms from where you can view the Naruto straits, the bridge and the…

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    Linking Shikoku to Awaji-shima, impressive Ōnaruto-hashi was completed in 1985. Later, when the world's longest suspension bridge, the Akashi Kaikyō…

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    Tokushima Modern Art Museum

    With a permanent collection that includes modern masters, both Japanese and Western, this surprisingly sophisticated prefectural museum houses two- and…

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    Awa Odori Kaikan

    Awa Odori Kaikan features extensive exhibits relating to the Awa-odori Matsuri and dance. The dance is performed for visitors at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm daily …

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    Muroto Unesco Global Geopark Center

    The Muroto Geopark was designed to help create a better understanding about how local people have been dealing with ever-changing landforms. The area's…

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    Bizan Ropeway

    A cable car whizzes guests to the top of Mt Bizan for fine views over the city.

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    Tokushima Castle Museum

    You can get a glimpse into the castle's former Edo-period grandeur at Tokushima Castle Museum, which contains a model of the castle town as well as…

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    Mollusc Mugi Shell Museum

    This mollusc-shaped structure is on a beach 4km east of the township of Mugi, 16km southwest of Hiwasa – inside, there's an impressive collection of…

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    Head east from the centre of Hiwasa out to the coast to find the attractive beach of Ōhama, a long stretch of sand where sea turtles come to lay their…