Muroto Unesco Global Geopark Center

Tokushima & the Anan Coast

The Muroto Geopark was designed to help create a better understanding about how local people have been dealing with ever-changing landforms. The area's geography is fascinating and it possesses a rich heritage of diverse geological formations. The park has walking, cycling and driving routes – head to the Geopark Center to learn more and obtain maps.

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1. Temple 24: Hotsumisaki-ji

3.28 MILES

This gorgeous hilltop temple is considered one of the most important on the 88 Temple Pilgrimage because it is here at Muroto that Kōbō Daishi achieved…

2. Mollusc Mugi Shell Museum

29.58 MILES

This mollusc-shaped structure is on a beach 4km east of the township of Mugi, 16km southwest of Hiwasa – inside, there's an impressive collection of…