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Tsuboya Pottery Street

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One of the best parts of Naha is this neighbourhood, a centre of ceramic production from 1682, when Ryūkyū kilns were consolidated here by royal decree. Most shops along this old-timey street sell all the popular Okinawan ceramics, including shiisā (lion-dog roof guardians) and containers for serving awamori (Okinawan liquor distilled from rice), the local firewater. The lanes off the main street here contain some classic crumbling old Okinawan houses. To get here from Kokusai-dōri, walk south through the entirety of Heiwa-dōri arcade (about 350m).

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Nearby Naha attractions

1. Tsuboya Pottery Museum


The excellent Tsuboya Pottery Museum houses some fine examples of traditional Okinawan pottery. Here you can also inspect potters' wheels and arayachi …

2. Daichi Makishi Kōsetsu Ichiba

0.24 MILES

In Naha, a great place to sample everyday Okinawan eats is at one of the 2nd-floor eateries in this covered food market just off Ichibahon-dōri, about…

5. Fukushū-en

1.06 MILES

Garden fans should take a stroll through peaceful, Chinese-style Fukushū-en. All materials were brought from Fuzhou, Naha's sister city in China,…

6. Shikina-en

1.57 MILES

Around 4km east of the city centre is a Chinese-style garden containing stone bridges, a viewing pavilion and a villa that belonged to the Ryūkyū royal…

7. Shuri-jō

1.74 MILES

This reconstructed castle was originally built in the 14th century and served as the administrative centre and royal residence of the Ryūkyū kingdom until…