Naha City Traditional Arts & Crafts Center


Right on Kokusai-dōri, this gallery houses a notable collection of traditional Okinawan crafts by masters of the media. You can also try your hand at Ryūkyūan glassblowing, weaving, bingata (painting on fabric) and pottery-making in workshops (¥1500 to ¥3000), and make your own souvenir from Okinawa.

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1. Daichi Makishi Kōsetsu Ichiba

0.12 MILES

In Naha, a great place to sample everyday Okinawan eats is at one of the 2nd-floor eateries in this covered food market just off Ichibahon-dōri, about…

2. Tsuboya Pottery Museum

0.17 MILES

The excellent Tsuboya Pottery Museum houses some fine examples of traditional Okinawan pottery. Here you can also inspect potters' wheels and arayachi …

3. Tsuboya Pottery Street

0.26 MILES

One of the best parts of Naha is this neighbourhood, a centre of ceramic production from 1682, when Ryūkyū kilns were consolidated here by royal decree…

5. Fukushū-en

0.86 MILES

Garden fans should take a stroll through peaceful, Chinese-style Fukushū-en. All materials were brought from Fuzhou, Naha's sister city in China,…

6. Shikina-en


Around 4km east of the city centre is a Chinese-style garden containing stone bridges, a viewing pavilion and a villa that belonged to the Ryūkyū royal…

7. Shuri-jō

1.87 MILES

This reconstructed castle was originally built in the 14th century and served as the administrative centre and royal residence of the Ryūkyū kingdom until…