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It's both unfortunate – and important – that the name Nagasaki (長崎) is synonymous with the dropping of the second atomic bomb. Unquestionably, this history overshadows everything else, yet today Nagasaki is a vibrant, charming and totally unique gem that begs to be explored far beyond the bomb museums, monuments and memorials. Not that the WWII history can be overlooked or denied: it's as much a part of the city's... Read More

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Private Nagasaki Custom Full-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle

This is a private tour by a chartered vehicle. Using this service, you can charter your vehicle Limousine, Van, or Bus which is most suitable for your group and visit many attractive sightseeing spots. You don't have to hurry for any other tourist. This tour is only for your group!Tour route is flexible and can be arranged upon your request.Recommended sites:- Nagasaki Peace ParkNagasaki Peace Park was built near the epicenter of the atomic bomb explosion that devastated the city on August 9, 1945. It was made to pass down the painful story of the damages caused by the bombing and to pray for peace to prevail on earth.- DejimaWhen the Dutch trading posts in Hirado were moved to Dejima under the orders of the Edo Shogunate in 1641, the residents of this island changed from Portuguese to Dutch. Dejima turned into a port for Dutch ships and for over 200 years since then, it played the role of Japan’s only gateway to the world.- Glover GardenGlover Garden is an open air museum, exhibiting mansions of former Western residents of Nagasaki. It is located on the hill where Western merchants settled down after the end of Japan's era of seclusion in the second half of the 19th century.

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Easy-to-Wear Kimono Rental by the Megane Bridge

This service offers Japanese traditional Kimono for short-time rental, so that travelers can have the opportunity to walk around the Megane bridge wearing Kimono like Japanese women in the olden days and take their own pictures with the historical scenery in the background.A professional Kimono dresser will dress you in the high-quality Kimono over your own clothe. Formal Kimono dressing procedures usually take over an hour to complete, but this easy-to-wear Kimono dressing service takes only about 15 minutes per person by using the quick-use Obi belts and tools. The venue is located just in front of the Megane Bridge, the oldest stone arch bridge in Japan and one of the most photographed places in Nagasaki. After getting dressed in your Kimono, you have 30 minutes to walk around the Megane Bridge and take your photos in your beautiful Kimono. You won't need to walk a long distance wearing the traditional Zori sandals that create difficulties walking for people unaccustomed to them, since you will arrive at the Megane Bridge as soon as you left the venue.All of the Kimono are made of high-quality silk with beautiful traditional patterns. The plan includes Kimono rental, accessories, sandals and pouches. In addition, the pair of brand-new Tabi socks (socks for the Zori sandals) which you can take home.The full experience including picking out your Kimono, getting dressed, strolling around and taking photos and returning the Kimono will take approximately one hour.