The largest of Fushimi’s sake breweries is Gekkeikan, the world’s leading producer of sake. Although most of the sake is now made in a modern facility in Osaka, a limited amount is still handmade in a Meiji-era sakagura (sake brewery) here in Fushimi. The museum is home to a collection of artefacts and memorabilia tracing the 350-year history of Gekkeikan and the sake-brewing process.

If you are travelling with a tour group that is larger than 20 people, and if you call two weeks in advance (623-2001), you can arrange a guided English tour of the brewery. Otherwise, ask at the Tourist Information Center about joining a tour given in Japanese.

The museum is a 10-minute walk northeast of Chūshojima Station on the Keihan line. To get here from the station, go right at the main exit, take a right down an unpaved road, a left at the playground, cross the bridge over the canal and follow the road round to the left; the museum is on the left.