Northwest Kyoto

About five minutes' walk upstream from the base of the steps that lead to Jingo-ji, this is a fine little temple worth stopping at. The approach over a red wooden bridge is very atmospheric; see if you can find your way round to the small waterfall at the side of the temple. The grotto here is pure magic.

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Nearby Northwest Kyoto attractions

1. Kōzan-ji

0.31 MILES

Hidden amid a grove of towering cedar trees, this temple is famous for the chuju giga scroll in its collection. It's an ink-brush depiction of frolicking…

2. Jingo-ji

0.36 MILES

This mountaintop temple sits at the summit of a long flight of stairs that stretches from the Kiyotaki-gawa to the temple’s main gate. The Kondō (Gold…

3. Daikaku-ji

1.99 MILES

After a 25-minute walk northeast of Nison-in you will find Daikaku-ji, one of Kyoto’s less-commonly visited temples. It was built in the 9th century as a…

4. Adashino Nenbutsu-ji

2.17 MILES

This rather unusual temple is where the abandoned bones of paupers without kin were gathered. More than 8000 stone images are crammed into the temple…

5. Seiryō-ji

2.31 MILES

This local temple and its peaceful gardens makes for a quiet change from the touristy temples along the main drag. It has an important standing wooden…

6. Giō-ji

2.37 MILES

This tiny temple near the north end of the main Arashiyama sightseeing route is one of Kyoto's hidden gems. Its main attraction is the lush moss garden…

7. Takiguchi-dera


Takiguchi-dera was founded by Heian-era nobleman Takiguchi Nyūdō, who entered the priesthood after being forbidden by his father to marry his peasant…

8. Nison-in


This is a popular spot with maple-leaf watchers. Originally built in the 9th century by Emperor Saga, the temple houses two important Kamakura-era Buddha…