Northwest Kyoto

This pleasant temple complex is certainly a good counterpoint to the crowded and more famous temples nearby. Originally containing more than 60 structures, Ninna-ji was built in 888 and is the head temple of the Omuro branch of the Shingon school. The present temple buildings, including a five-storey pagoda, date from the 17th century.

On the extensive grounds you’ll find a peculiar grove of short-trunked, multi-petalled cherry trees called Omuro-no-Sakura, which draw large crowds in April. A separate fee (¥500) is charged to enter during blooming season.

Separate admission fees (an additional ¥500 each) are charged for both the Kondō (Main Hall) and Reihōkan (Treasure House), which are only open April to May and October to November.

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Nearby Northwest Kyoto attractions

1. Ryōan-ji

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3. Taizō-in

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7. Kitano Tenman-gū

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8. Orinasu-kan

1.78 MILES

This atmospheric, and usually quiet, museum, housed in a Nishijin weaving factory, has impressive exhibits of Nishijin textiles.