Kōbe City Museum


Kōbe's local-history museum, in a Greek-revival-style building dating from 1935, is undergoing major renovations and scheduled to reopen in November 2019.

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1. City Hall Observation Lobby

0.22 MILES

The 24th-floor observatory atop Kōbe's City Hall stays open generously late so you can get a night view of the city, towards the mountains or the bay …

2. Nankin-machi

0.26 MILES

Kōbe's Chinatown – Nankin comes from Nanjing; machi just means town – dates to the early days of the city opening its port to foreign traders. It was…

5. Ikuta-jinja

0.51 MILES

Kōbe's signature shrine is said to date from 201, though it's been rebuilt many a time – a symbol of resilience for the city. It's right in the middle of…

6. Kitano-chō

0.95 MILES

For generations of Japanese tourists, this pleasant, hilly neighbourhood is Kōbe, thanks to the dozen or so well-preserved homes of (mostly) Western…

7. Kitano Tenman-jinja

1.01 MILES

Up a steep hill past the homes of Kitano-chō, this shrine has good views over the city.

8. Nunobiki Falls

1.51 MILES

You'd never guess that such a beautiful natural sanctuary could sit so close to the city. This revered waterfall in four sections (the longest is 43m tall…