Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Top choice museum in Hiroshima

The main building of Hiroshima's premier museum houses a collection of items salvaged from the aftermath of the atomic bomb. The displays are confronting and personal – ragged clothes, a child's melted lunchbox, a watch stopped at 8.15am – and there are some grim photographs. While upsetting, it's a must-see in Hiroshima. The east building presents a history of Hiroshima and of the development and destructive power of nuclear weapons.

At the exit, don't miss the first-person video accounts and guestbook of world-leader visitors – including the first visit by a sitting US President, Barack Obama in 2016, who gifted origami cranes.

The main building closed in 2017 for major renovations, with a tentative grand reopening in spring 2019. During this closure, some items from the main building are on display in the east building and it is still a worthwhile visit. Check the website for the latest developments, as there have been delays.