Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park

Around Tokyo

The former summer residence of Italy's ambassadors (from 1928 to 1997) has a pleasant sun terrace with excellent views across Chūzen-ji lake. Walking here from the bus station takes around 25 minutes.

Nearby is the similar British Embassy Memorial Park, originally the lakeside residence of a British diplomat. Here you can have tea and scones.

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1. Chūzen-ji Tachiki-kannon

0.54 MILES

This eponymous temple, located on the lake's eastern shore, was founded in the 8th century and houses a 6m-tall Kannon statue from that time.

2. Futarasan-jinja

1.15 MILES

This shrine complements those at Tōshō-gū in Nikkō as part of the same Unesco World Heritage site, and is the starting point for pilgrimages up Nantai-san…

3. Kegon-no-taki

1.28 MILES

The big-ticket attraction of Chūzen-ji is this billowing, 97m-high waterfall. Take the 1930s elevator down to a platform to observe the full force of the…

4. Kanman-ga-Fuchi Abyss

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Along this particularly scenic stretch of the Daiya-gawa, where white rapids swirl around rocks, is a row of Jizō statues, the small stone effigies of the…

6. Taiyū-in

6.45 MILES

Taiyū-in, completed in 1653, is the mausoleum of Tokugawa Iemitsu (1604–51), the third Tokugawa shogun and grandson of Ieyasu. (Ieyasu was deified, which…

7. Takinō-jinja

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Just to the left of the entrance to Futarasan-jinja is a 1km wooded path leading to Takinō-jinja, part of the greater shrine precinct. Just in front is…

8. Futarasan-jinja

6.59 MILES

Futarasan-jinja was founded over 1200 years ago as a place to worship the mountain Nantai-san (2484m), his mountain consort, Nyohō-san (2483m), and their…