Samurai Houses


Seven of the mid-Edo-period residences along Chiran’s 700m street of samurai houses have gardens open to the public. Water is usually symbolised in the gardens by sand, shirasu (volcanic ash) or gravel. Allow up to one leisurely hour to view them all.

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1. Chiran Peace Museum

1.23 MILES

There is perhaps no more eloquent monument to the futility of war than this harrowing museum about WWII kamikaze pilots. Around 2km west of town, Chiran’s…

2. Bandokorobana Shizen Kōen

9.08 MILES

Down a side road between Ibusuki and Makurazaki, this small-ish seaside nature park has been noted for its beauty since an Edo-period surveyor named it…

3. Seahorse House

9.09 MILES

This chill, seaside seahorse hatchery is unique, offering close-up looks at thousands of hatchling seahorses, plus information, videos, souvenirs and a…

4. Satsuma Denshōkan

15.06 MILES

This striking museum offers a history of Satsuma plus displays of Chinese ceramics and gleaming Satsuma-yaki in a temple-style building that seems to…

5. Satsuma Students Statue

15.29 MILES

This statue and landmark commemorates the students from Satsuma (the feudal name for Kagoshima) who went to study Western technology in the UK in 1865…

6. Chiringashima

15.4 MILES

Lovely Chiringashima is connected to the mainland by a thin land bridge that appears only at low tide, when hikers, beachcombers and tide-pool explorers…

7. Museum of the Meiji Restoration

15.42 MILES

This museum offers insights into the unique social system of education, samurai loyalty and sword techniques that made Satsuma one of Japan's leading…

8. Statue of Ōkubo Toshimichi

15.5 MILES

This monument honours the Kagoshima samurai turned statesman (1830–78) who helped overthrow the feudal regime and pave the way for the modernisation of…