Hida Takayama Museum of Art


Lovers of art-nouveau and art-deco glassware and furniture will appreciate this large private gallery set back from town with a ritzy cafe, its own London Bus shuttle (ask at the Tourist Information Center) and a spectacular glass fountain by René Lalique.

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1. Teddy Bear Eco Village

0.18 MILES

You'll know best whether you're someone who has to see this collection of more than 1000 fluffy little guys from around the world. Some are over 140 years…

2. Hida Folk Village


The sprawling, open-air Hida-no-sato is a highly recommended half-day trip. It features dozens of traditional houses and buildings, which were dismantled…

3. Hida Kokubun-ji

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The original buildings of Takayama's oldest temple were constructed in the 8th century, but later destroyed by fire. The oldest of the present buildings…

4. Takayama-jinya

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These sprawling grounds south of Sanmachi-suji house the only remaining prefectural office building of the Tokugawa shogunate, originally the…

6. Takayama Shōwa-kan

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This nostalgia bonanza from the Shōwa period (1926–89) focuses on 1955 to 1965, a time of great optimism between Japan's postwar malaise and the 1980s…

7. Kusakabe Folk Museum

1.18 MILES

This merchant and moneychanger's house, dating from the 1890s, showcases the striking craftsmanship of traditional Takayama carpenters. Inside is a…

8. Yoshijima Heritage House


Design buffs shouldn't miss Yoshijima-ke, well documented in architectural publications. Lack of ornamentation allows you to focus on the spare lines,…