Kanazawa Yuwaku Edo Village


In Yuwaku Onsen, about 14km southeast of Kanazawa along Rte 10, you'll find this attractive collection of reconstructed Edo-period buildings arranged as an open-air museum showcasing artefacts from the era (1603–1868). Self-drive, or take the bus (¥600, 45 minutes) – get off at Yuwaku Onsen stop and walk for about 300m, following the signs.

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1. DT Suzuki Museum

7.01 MILES

This spiritual museum is a tribute to Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki, one of the foremost Buddhist philosophers of our time. Published in Japanese and English,…

3. Kenroku-en

7.23 MILES

This Edo-period garden draws its name (kenroku means 'combined six') from a renowned Sung-dynasty garden in China that dictated six attributes for…

5. Myōryū-ji

7.44 MILES

Completed in 1643 in Teramachi, the temple was designed to protect its lord from attack. It contains hidden stairways, escape routes, secret chambers,…

6. Kanazawa Castle Park

7.46 MILES

Originally built in 1580, this massive structure was called the 'castle of 1000 tatami' and housed the Maeda clan for 14 generations until it was…

7. Kaikarō


In Higashi-chaya-gai, Kaikarō is an early-19th-century geisha house refinished with contemporary fittings and art, including a red-lacquered staircase…

8. Shima

7.53 MILES

An Important Cultural Asset, this well-known, traditional-style former geisha house dates from 1820 and has an impressive collection of elaborate combs,…