Kanazawa Castle Park


Originally built in 1580, this massive structure was called the 'castle of 1000 tatami' and housed the Maeda clan for 14 generations until it was destroyed by fire in 1881. The elegant surviving gate, Ishikawa-mon (built in 1788), provides a dramatic entry from Kenroku-en; holes in its turret were designed for hurling rocks at invaders. Two additional buildings, the Hishi-yagura (diamond-shaped turret) and Gojikken-nagaya (armoury), were reconstructed using traditional means in 2001.

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Nearby Kanazawa attractions

1. Gyokusen-an Rest House

0.11 MILES

In the grounds of Gyokusen Inmaru Garden, this handsome teahouse is the perfect setting in which to experience cha-dō (a tea ceremony), one of Japan's…

2. Gyokusen Inmaru Garden

0.12 MILES

Adjacent to the Kanazawa Castle Park, this feudal pleasure garden was first constructed in 1634 but abandoned in the Meiji era. Its five-year…

3. Kenroku-en

0.23 MILES

This Edo-period garden draws its name (kenroku means 'combined six') from a renowned Sung-dynasty garden in China that dictated six attributes for…

6. Kanazawa Phonograph Museum

0.43 MILES

Audio buffs will dig this museum of old-time phonographs and SP records, with daily demonstrations at 11am, 2pm and 4pm.

7. Ōmi-chō Market

0.45 MILES

Between Kanazawa Station and Katamachi you'll find this market, reminiscent of Tokyo's old Tsukiji market. A bustling warren of fishmongers, buyers and…

8. Kanazawa City Ashigaru Museum

0.54 MILES

This compact museum, consisting of two relocated Edo-era homes and a small garden, offers a look at the lives of the ashigaru (foot soldiers), the lowest…