This colourful, photogenic shrine on the island of Aoshima is a favourite of visitors seeking luck in love. To the right of the main shrine, a path lined with a few heart-shaped arches leads to a smaller shrine at the island's geographic centre. Next to it are twin palm trees called meoto (female and male) biro. Would-be lovers can purchase brightly coloured strings (¥100) to tie to ropes between the trees as an offering.

Visit the Legend of Hyūga Hall here to learn about Japan's origin myths and stories.

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1. Legend of Hyūga Hall

0.03 MILES

At Aoshima-jinja, this museum tells the story of sun goddess Amaterasu, Emperor Jimmu and the founding of Japan in wax-museum-style dioramas with English…

2. Aoshima Island

0.06 MILES

The first thing you'll notice as you cross the Yayoibashi bridge (120m) to the island of Aoshima is the unique geological feature surrounding it. Called…

4. Kaeda Gorge

1.92 MILES

West of town, an 8km-long, well-maintained hiking path winds through this forested gorge following the Kaeda-gawa, a refreshingly clear stream filled with…

6. Miyazaki Science Centre

7.96 MILES

Steps away from Miyazaki Station, this family-friendly interactive science museum boasts one of the world's largest planetariums; some exhibits include…

7. Miyazaki-jingū

9.68 MILES

This shrine honours Emperor Jimmu, the semi-mythical first emperor of Japan and founder of the Yamato court. Spectacular centuries-old wisteria vines…