Aoshima Island


The first thing you'll notice as you cross the Yayoibashi bridge (120m) to the island of Aoshima is the unique geological feature surrounding it. Called the devil's washboard (oni no sentaku-ita; 鬼の洗濯板), the rows of rock formations look just like a washboard of centuries ago. They're best viewed at low tide. An estimated 200 plant and animal species (including some 5000 biro palm trees, up to 350 years old) can be found within the island's 1.6km circumference.

Besides its natural beauty, the island boasts the photogenic Shintō shrine Aoshima-jinja, reputedly good for matchmaking, and the Legend of Hyūga Hall, which relates myths of the origins of Japan.

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1. Aoshima-jinja

0.06 MILES

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2. Legend of Hyūga Hall

0.07 MILES

At Aoshima-jinja, this museum tells the story of sun goddess Amaterasu, Emperor Jimmu and the founding of Japan in wax-museum-style dioramas with English…

4. Kaeda Gorge

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7. Miyazaki-jingū

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