Croydon in the Mountains Plantation

Montego Bay & Northwest Coast

Located 34km south of Montego Bay, off the potholed B6 road, this plantation can feel more like an Indian or Balinese rural community than Jamaica, with its well-groomed, deep-green terraces sprouting fields and orchards of coffee, citrus and pineapples. A ‘see, hear, touch and taste’ tour is offered from 10:30am to 3pm Tuesday to Friday (US$120 including lunch and transfers with a Montego Bay tour company). Advance reservations are required. If you're driving yourself, call ahead to confirm entry fee.

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1. Seaford Town Historical Museum

2.59 MILES

In a grassy space below the church, this museum tells the tale of Seaford’s German origins. There are maps and photographs of the early settlement, plus…

2. Church of the Sacred Heart

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The main evidence of Seaford's heritage is its Catholic faith, exemplified by the red, zinc-roofed, old stone Church of the Sacred Heart, which sits atop…

3. St Mary’s Anglican Church

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5. Bickle Village

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6. Crossroads


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7. Accompong Community Centre & Museum


Across from the little square facing the crossroads that you first arrive at in Accompong, this museum is a veritable peek into the Afro-Caribbean world’s…

8. Parade Ground

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At the top of the village, the large field is the Parade Ground where Maroons used to get ready for war and also where they'd be disciplined for various…