Titchfield Peninsula

Port Antonio

Along this hilly peninsula – known locally as ‘the Hill’ – are several dozen Victorian-style gingerbread houses, most notably DeMontevin Lodge, an ornate rust-red mansion, now a hotel. Many of the finest homes line King St, which runs down the center of the peninsula (parallel to Queen and Fort George Sts). This is a relatively well-off area, but one with an elegiac air of bygone glamor.

Further north at the tip of the peninsula are the ruins of Fort George, dating from 1729. The parade ground and former barracks today house the prestigious Titchfield School. Beyond the school, several George III–era cannons can still be seen mounted in their embrasures in 3m-thick walls.

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Nearby Port Antonio attractions

1. DeMontevin Lodge

0.05 MILES

This 1881 hotel, perched high on the Titchfield Peninsula, is one of Port Antonio's most iconic buildings despite (or possibly because of) it's slightly…

2. Bikini Beach

0.13 MILES

A small private city beach with a pretty lick of sand that's almost entirely wave-free, near the Errol Flynn Marina. There's a small grill shack offering…

3. Errol Flynn Marina

0.13 MILES

Port Antonio has one of the finest natural harbors in Jamaica, which has been converted into a posh yachting dock where sailboats moor and the well-to-do…

4. Cenotaph

0.27 MILES

Brightly whitewashed war memorial to Jamaicans of the British West India regiments who fought in the First and Second World Wars.

5. Navy Island

0.32 MILES

In colonial days, the Royal Navy used this now-lush island to careen ships for repair. In the mid-20th century, Errol Flynn bought the island and built a…

6. Christ Church

0.37 MILES

A redbrick Anglican building constructed in neo-Romanesque style around 1840 (much of the structure dates from 1903). Look for the brass lectern donated…

7. Folly Point Lighthouse


Near the Folly mansion stands the orange candy-striped Folly Point Lighthouse, built in 1888, which overlooks Monkey Island. Said island adds even more…

8. Folly

0.77 MILES

This rather appropriately named two-story, 60-room mansion on the peninsula east of East Harbour was built entirely of concrete in pseudo-Grecian style in…