Statue of Norman Manley


A statue of national hero Norman Manley stands at the northern entrance of Parade.

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Nearby Kingston attractions

1. Ward Theatre

0.04 MILES

At North Parade, the distinguished Ward Theatre, built in 1911, once hosted the annual Boxing Day pantomime – a riotous, irreverent social satire. Sadly,…

2. Parade

0.04 MILES

William Grant Park, more commonly known as ‘Parade,’ is the bustling heart of Downtown, and originally hosted a fortress erected in 1694 with guns…

3. Statue of Queen Victoria

0.07 MILES

An imperious statue of Queen Victoria stands unamused at the eastern side of Parade, erected in 1897 for her diamond jubilee. As well as noting her role…

4. Statue of Alexander Bustamante

0.08 MILES

The south entrance to Parade is watched over by a statue of a wild-looking Alexander Bustamante, Jamaica's first prime minister.

5. Coke Memorial Hall

0.09 MILES

The crenelated redbrick building facing East Parade is the 1840 Coke Memorial Hall, named after the founder of the Methodist churches in the Caribbean,…

6. Liberty Hall


At the end of a tree-lined courtyard, decorated with cheerful mosaics and a mural depicting Marcus Garvey, stands Liberty Hall, the headquarters of Garvey…

7. Kingston Parish Church

0.11 MILES

The gleaming white edifice facing the southeast corner of Parade is Kingston Parish Church, which replaced an older church destroyed in the 1907…

8. St Andrew’s Scots Kirk

0.19 MILES

This octagonal Georgian brick structure (entrance on Mark Lane) was built from 1813 to 1819 by Scottish merchants and is surrounded by a gallery supported…