Antiquarium & Teatro Romano


To the southwest of the historic centre lies a partially preserved 1st-century Roman theatre. Artefacts unearthed at the site and around Gubbio are displayed in a modest on-site museum, alongside several mosaics from the Domus of Scylla, the Roman villa over which the museum stands.

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1. Palazzo del Bargello

0.27 MILES

According to (undocumented) local tradition, the 14th-century Palazzo del Bargello was the residence of Gubbio's medieval police magistrate. Nowadays, it…

2. Fontana dei Matti

0.28 MILES

In front of the 14th-century Palazzo del Bargello, the city's medieval police station and prison, the Fontana dei Matti (Fountain of the Lunatics) owes…

3. Palazzo dei Consoli

0.31 MILES

Gubbio's showpiece square, Piazza Grande, is dominated by the 14th-century Palazzo dei Consoli whose austere crenellated facade and bell tower can be seen…

4. Museo Civico

0.31 MILES

Housed in Palazzo dei Consoli, this museum is home to the celebrated Iguvine Tables (also known as the Eugubian Tables or Tablets), seven bronze tablets…

5. Piazza Grande

0.33 MILES

This panoramic piazza, the result of an ambitious 14th-century urban development plan, is medieval Gubbio's showpiece square. Commanding huge valley views…

6. Palazzo del Podestà

0.34 MILES

Designed as part of the same 14th-century development project that gave rise to Palazzo dei Consoli, Palazzo del Podestà sits on the eastern flank of…

7. Museo Diocesano

0.38 MILES

This museum presents a sparse homage to the diocese of Gubbio’s 2000-year history with its collection of medieval painting and sculpture, much of it from…

8. Via Federico da Montefeltro

0.38 MILES

Snaking up to the top of town, Via Federico da Montefeltro is a steep, narrow lane that leads to three of Gubbio's main historic buildings: the 12th…