Logge del Papa


This handsome Renaissance style structure next to the Chiesa di San Martino was commissioned by Pope Pius II (Enea Silvio Piccolomini) and built in 1462.

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1. Chiesa di San Martino

0.02 MILES

The baroque facade of this church dates from 1613, but the church itself is much older, having been constructed in the 12th century. Inside are works by…

2. Museo delle Tavolette di Biccherne

0.02 MILES

Housed in the Renaissance-era Palazzo Piccolomini, Siena's State Archive isn't a usual stop on the standard tourist itinerary, but it provides ample…

3. Sinagoga di Siena

0.04 MILES

Sheltering behind an anonymous facade, this Ashkenazi synagogue in Siena's former Ghetto once serviced a community of 500. Sadly, a mere 50 Jews now live…

4. Torre del Mangia

0.09 MILES

Completed in 1348, this 87m-high red-brick-and-travertine bell tower commands magnificent views from its highest levels. Its name (The Tower of Eater)…

5. Palazzo Pubblico

0.09 MILES

Built to demonstrate the enormous wealth, proud independence and secular nature of Siena, this 14th-century Gothic masterpiece is the visual focal point…

6. Museo Civico

0.09 MILES

Entered via the Palazzo Pubblico's Cortile del Podestà (Courtyard of the Chief Magistrate), this wonderful museum showcases rooms richly frescoed by…

7. Piazza del Campo


Popularly known as 'Il Campo', this sloping piazza has been Siena's social centre since being staked out by the ruling Consiglio dei Nove (Council of Nine…

8. Fonte Gaia

0.11 MILES

Water first bubbled forth from the Fonte Gaia in the upper part of the Campo in 1346. The fountain's panels are reproductions; the severely weathered…